9 to 5 Gay Pins

 9 to 5 Gay Pins crafts fandom-inspired enamel pins, while Master Pins celebrates kink culture and mental health with quality designs.

A.C. Esguerra

A.C. Esguerra is an award-winning cartoonist whose work blends fantasy and history in traditional ink and watercolor. Their debut original graphic novel Eighty Days was on YALSA’s Great Graphic Novels for Teens list and nominated for the GLAAD Media Awards in 2022. Recent work includes illustrating Who Was Amelia Earhart? with Melanie Gillman and creating The City of Poets public arts comics series for the San Francisco Arts Commission. They live in Los Angeles.

Instagram: @blueludebar
Twitter: @blueludebar

Al Acevedo

Al Acevedo is an LA-based queer comic artist and consumer product designer. They are the solo creator behind aroace-led supernatural comic, Husk, crafted with a deep love for Mexica mythology and interwoven with Al’s own journey to reconnect with their Mexican roots.

Instagram: @aleasha.acevedo
Twitter: @raisingicarus

Bradley Rader

Brad Rader’s homoerotic artwork has appeared since 1984, in Drummer, First Hand, and Chiron Rising, etc. In 2003 he started Flaming Artist Press, so far producing 2 issues of the homoerotic magazine/art folio, “True Adult Fantasy”, as well as his graphic novel, “Harry and Dickless Tom,”.

Instagram: @artisticrader

Comadres y Comics Podcast

Comadres y Comics is a podcast that highlights the Latinx representation in the comic book industry as creators, characters and fans.

Comic Arts Professional Society (CAPS)

CAPS is an organization of current and former comics professionals — artists, writers, colorists, letterers, and other creators in the non-animated cartoon arts. Without regard to style, genre, publication format, the nature of their publisher or the manner of their funding — CAPS seeks to provide camaraderie, education, information, and skill and career advancement for careers in the comics industry via gatherings and other mutual efforts.

Instagram: @comicartpros
Twitter: @comicartpros

Dave Davenport

Dave Davenport is the co-creator of the gay erotic comics series Hard to Swallow. His comic Feral and the Ghost Skater won the 2015 Prism Comics Queer Press Grant. He’s also contributed to anthologies such as Alphabet, Yellow is the Warmest Color, and Theater of Terror: Revenge of the Queers.

Instagram: @tanniscomix

David M. Booher

David M. Booker is a multiple Eisner­ and GLAAD nominated writer of comics, television, and film. His comics includes Eisner- and GLADD-nominated KILLER QUEENS (Dark Horse), Eisner-nominated RAIN (Image/Syzygy), and the all-ages fantasy series CANTO (Dark Horse). He has also written stories for Firefly, Dungeons & Dragons, and most recently, Ghostbusters. His LGBTQ-led KILLER QUEENS was featured in the New York Times as a must read in honor of Pride Month. A lawyer by training, he lives in Los Angeles with his husband and the true brains behind their operation—their adopted greyhounds.

Instagram: @davidmbooher
Twitter: @davidmbooher

David Reddish

Author David Reddish continues to earn a loyal readership around the world. His novels include Sex, Drugs & Superheroes and its sequels Conquest of the Planet of the Geeks and The Wrath of Comic-Con, as well as the Lambda Literary Award-nominated The Passion of Sergius & Bacchus. As a journalist, he has penned articles for such publications as Wealth of Geeks, MovieWeb, Queerty, ScreenRant and Playboy.

Instagram: @thegaymagneto

Ed Luce

Ed Luce is the creator of Wuvable Oaf, a two-time Ignatz nominated comic series about a big hairy dude’s search for love… and cats. Two volumes of Oaf stories have been collected by Fantagraphics, with the second winning the Lambda Literary Award for Graphic Novel/Comics. Ed has drawn for Image/Skybound, Dark Horse, Oni Press, IDW, Heavy Metal, Vault, Bear, the Eisner nominated No Straight Lines and the Eisner winning Love Is Love.

Instagram: @wuvable_oaf
Twitter: @wuvableoaf

Fuego Unlimited

Embrace your inner flame! LA based small business invites all to flaunt their spice. With vibrant tees and dazzling accessories, we champion passion, diversity, and being your authentic self. Let’s ignite the world together—because love is hot. 


Huck And Puck Books

Your neighborhood LGBTQIA+ bookstore. We have books of all genres that are Traditional, Indie, and Self-Published. We also feature many titles from local authors. As well as fandom themed cookbooks and tarot decks. Tell us your vibe and we will match you to a book.

Jack Foster

Jack Foster is a gay writer and artist and creator of the comic book GUN, hand-painted in glorious, time-consuming watercolor.

Instagram: @recklesseyeballs
Twitter: @thevillainist

Jeff Krell

Jeff Krell created the long-running gay-themed humor strip “Jayson,” which debuted in the Philadelphia Gay News in 1983 and enjoyed long runs in Gay Comix and Meatmen. Since 2005 Krell has been publishing original “Jayson” graphic novels including “Jayson Goes to Hollywood” and “Jayson Gets a Job!” In 2023, in collaboration with Sue Bielenberg, Krell debuted the all-ages Jayson spinoff “Arena Takes Manhattan,” a career girl humor comic starring Jayson’s sidekick Arena Stage. Krell also translates comics for famed German cartoonist Ralf König.

Instagram: @jeff.krell
Twitter: @jeffkrelljayson

Josh Trujillo

Josh Trujillo is a writer, editor, and narrative designer based in Los Angeles. He has worked with clients including Marvel, HBO, Google, Telltale Games, Netflix, and DC Comics, among others. Trujillo is the creator of the colorful children’s book Lost Beast, Found Friend, the sports comedy Dodge City, the historical romance Declaration, and the romance anthology Love Machines. His work spans different genre and audiences, including children’s fiction, history, gaming, and queer issues.

Kayden Phoenix

Kayden Phoenix is a lesbian Chicana writer and creator of A La Brava, the first Latina superhero team in comicbook history and Princess Academia, Native and Latina Princess series.

Kendra Wells (Kendrawcandraw)

Kendra Wells is a comic artist, writer, and game dev currently living in Los Angeles. They have previously worked with Critical Role, Dimension 20, The Nib, and many others.

Kraven Comics

Fernando Vélez is the founder of Kraven Comics; an LGBTQ community that celebrates representation in the comic book world. Fernando is a Puerto Rican creator and the author of The Queen’s Heroes, a 650-page graphic novel about queer superheroes that’s been 10 years in the making.

Twitter: @kravencomics

Knave Murdok

Knave Murdok is a Bay Area cartoonist who writes and illustrates TransCat Comics.


Mallory is a writer and cartoonist from Los Angeles who has self-published the novels “The President’s Head Is Missing!” and “But It’s for Charity,” and the graphic novel “Egg Behavior.” They regularly publish illustrated short stories through Ahoy Comics.

Maximus Spragovsky

Creator/Writer and Artist for W.O.O.F. Galaxy Comic Book, who turns people into Superheroes. DM on Instagram or Twitter for Commission info.

Instagram: @woofgalaxyofficial
Twitter: @jetmaxxx14


Hai!! I’m Mei a (MtF) transwoman and the main writer of Qi-Shift. A year or so ago my best friend and I got it in our heads that we should make a comic that our younger selves would be excited to see. The result is Qi-Shift Vol 1. The first of many graphic novels we plan to make. Made by an entirely BIPOC/LGBTQIA+ group of likeminded people we hope your as excited about it as we are.

Websites: , and purchase our creative works at
Instagram: @plus_2_charisma

Mike Pingel

Pingel has written 3 books on Charlie’s Angels, “Channel Surfing: Charlie’s Angels” & “Angelic Heaven: A Fan’s Guide to Charlie’s Angels” & “Angelic Heaven: 25 years of Charlie’s Angels News”. Other titles include “Channel Surfing: Wonder Woman”, “The Brady Bunch: Super Groovy after all these years”; “Works of Pingel”, “Channel Surfing: Betty White.” Pingel’s first photography book FLOWERS: of West Hollywood is out now.

Instagram: @mikepingel
Twitter: @mikepingel

Mike Rossi

Mike Rossi is a cartoonist, illustrator and lover of cheese. Most of his comics work is memoir and slice-of-life. He is currently seeking a home for his first graphic memoir, Branches. He resides in SF with his partner, and their formerly pregnant cat. (His second book will be about that.)


I’m a pin maker who specializes in LGBTQA+ content. I also work as an artist, business entrepreneur, and teacher. I make patches and stickers, as well.

Prism Comics

Prism Comics is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization championing LGBTQ+ diversity, visibility and inclusion in comic books, graphic novels and popular media. Founded in 2003, Prism is celebrating its 20th Anniversary supporting comics creators, professionals, readers, librarians and educators as a resource and community for LGBTQ+ comics. Prism Comics is producing Q Con with the support of the City of West Hollywood’s Arts Division as part of the 2023 WeHo Pride Arts Festival.

Instagram: @prismcomics
Twitter: @prismcomics

Qweerty Gamers

Qweerty Gamers provides LGBTQIA+ resources, support, and networking access to advance visibility and representation in the global gaming and media industry.

Gregory Earl Sanchez

Greg Sanchez, creator of Rainbow Arc of Fire, says “I was born in Florida in 1949; raised in California in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s; and have lived in Colorado since 1978, when, as a captain, I was stationed at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and taught freshman English for three semesters. More than a decade before “Don’t ask; Don’t tell,” I was then outed and discharged in 1979, for being gay.

I currently live in Indio, CA, with my incredible husband (we were married May 4th, 2019), Mark Gallegos, as well as with our two delightful cats, Tabby and Pudge, who allow us to feed and care for them on a daily basis. I have written and edited the RAINBOW ARC OF FIRE series since March of 1994, publishing the first volume, A MILE-HIGH SAGA, in the fall of 1996. All ten published paperback volumes are available through as inexpensive print-on-demand copies. In addition, all ten volumes are available as amazon Kindle editions.

Sam Maggs

Sam Maggs is a New York Times Bestselling Author of books (Star Wars Jedi: Battle Scars), video games (Call of Duty: Vanguard; Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands; Marvel’s Spider-Man), and comics (Marvel Action: Captain Marvel; Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins; Tell No Tales: Pirates of the Southern Seas). She’s a Canadian lesbian in LA.

Instagram: @sammaggs

Shannon Watters

Shannon Watters is the co-creator and co-writer of the award-winning hit comic book series LUMBERJANES. Her new graphic novel HOLLOW with Branden Boyer-White and Berenice Nelle is out now! She is also a former senior editor and the founder/head of BOOM! Box line at BOOM! Studios. She lives in Los Angeles.

Instagram: @shanito
Twitter: @shanito

Sina Grace

Sina Grace is a GLAAD media award-winning writer and artist living in Los Angeles, best known for a prolific library of work that balances slice-of-life, blockbuster action, and everything in-between. His groundbreaking Iceman series at Marvel Comics paved the way for Grace to work on all of his favorites: Jughead’s Time Police, Wonder Woman, Go Go Power Rangers, and more. He is currently promoting Superman: The Harvests of Youth, graphic novel he wrote and illustrated at DC.

Instagram: @sinagrace
Twitter: @sinagrace

Sonya Saturday

Sonya Saturday is an internationally published cartoonist, writer and photographer. Her books include two volumes of Presidential Candidates Coloring and Activity Books, Why Do You Cry When I’m On Top?, and A Ninja Dinosaur Christmas!!!. She has contributed comics to several award-winning anthologies, including Anything That Loves and We’re Still Here. Sonya is currently producing an autobiographical online comic strip called The Greatest Thing You’ve Ever Seen in Your Life.

Steve MacIsaac

Steve MacIsaac’s series SHIRTLIFTER explores contemporary gay culture, identity, and sexuality. He has appeared in many anthologies, including BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2010 (Houghton Mifflin), and A PILL FOR PROMISCUITY (Routledge).His graphic novel UNPACKING was published by Northwest Press in 2018, and he is working on a new book called CT SIN ATAJOS.

SurrealArts & Diwata Komiks

Diwata Komiks is a diversity-focused indie comics company feat. new myths for all of us just looking to belong. We are a part of SurrealArts Studios – a transmedia group with a creative development team focused on telling diverse & inclusive stories that reflect our world today.

Instagram: @diwatakomiks

Tilly Bridges

Tilly Bridges and her wife Susan are a writing and producing team, writing for Monster High, Star Trek Adventures, Fallout, comics, podcasts, and were the head writers of the 2023 Nebula Awards and 2021 Hugo Awards ceremonies. Tilly’s book Begin Transmission: The Trans Allegories of The Matrix released in 2023.

Instagram: @heckyeahtillybridges
Twitter: @tillybridges

Tini Howard

Tini Howard writes comic books, and has spent the past several years at Marvel and DC, working on X-Men, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and more.

William O. Tyler

Pronouns: he/him/they/them

Titles: We Belong, Theater of Terror: Revenge of the Queers, Anxious Ax

Bio: William O. Tyler is a comic creator, editor and critic whose work often focuses on the intersection of love and horror. His own comics include The Goth Queen Needs a Mate, Cinephilia and his newest project Anxious Ax, exploring the horrors of anxiety from a Black and queer perspective. He co-edited the queer horror anthology Theater of Terror: Revenge of the Queers with Justin Hall, the queer erotic anthology Yellow is the Warmest Color, with Sonya Saturday and We Belong, the newly released queer Black sci-fi fantasy anthology from Stacked Deck Press. William is also half of Tannis Comix, a collaboration with his partner Dave Davenport.

Instagram: @williamotyler

Yaoi Revolution

Yaoi-Revolution has been bringing the works of Yaoi artists from all over the world to the USA for over a decade! Novels, artbooks, comics and more!



Dragpool is a parody creation by Reel Guise FX of the famous ‘merc with the mouth.’ A comic convention fan favorite, Dragpool was named “more sassy than the Ryan Reynolds’ version, by Neatorama. Dragpool skit videos have gone viral on social media, and he has been featured in Disasterina’s “Sado Psychiatrist” and “My Drag is Valid.” She’s performed live for the international horror convention, Midsummer Scream, and has been featured by San Diego Fox 5 TV, the Los Angeles Times, OUT TV, and SyFy.

Instagram: @dragpool
Twitter: @theonlydragpool

Dr. Costumes


Instagram: @
Twitter: @

Julian Jetson


Julian Jetson, a pop culture aficionado from Palm Springs, has made his mark as a panel producer for “Gay Geeks And Where To Find Them” and producer of Comic Con Palm Springs. Known for his unique cosplay that blends vintage and modern styles, Julian’s expertise shines through in his production work, including Q-Con’s costume contest. Julian also hosts and co-produces Q Con the Podcast featuring queer comics news and interviews with comics creators, cosplayers and pop media creatives. His deep engagement in the geek culture space highlights his commitment to fostering diversity and creativity.


Instagram: @dragpool
Twitter: @theonlydragpool

Kelsey F

My name is Kelsey. You can call me Kal, for short! I’m a thirty-something butch cosplayer hailing from sunny Southern California. I’ve cosplayed for almost half my life and when I’m not wearing spandex or body armor, I’m working in Hollywood!

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