All Q Con panels and programming takes place in Plummer Park Community Center Room 3. See Plummer Park Building Map

12:00-12:45 am  | Mutant & Proud (moderated by Chris Riley)

Plummer Park Community Center Room 3

Get ready to celebrate mutant pride at Q Con with our panel on X-Men ’97! Join Holly Chou (voice of Jubilee) and JP Karliak (voice of Morph), Morla Gorrondona (voice of Empress Lilandra), and Christine Uhebe (voice of Nina Da Costa) as they discuss bringing to life these iconic characters in the revival of the beloved ’90s animated series. Moderated by Chris Riley from The Uncanny Experience & X-Reads Podcast and Kevin Winston from Digital LA, this panel will delve into the vibrant new adventures of the X-Men, exploring themes of identity, acceptance, and community. Don’t miss this chance to hear behind-the-scenes stories and gain unique insights into how X-Men ’97 continues to resonate with and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community.

1:00-1:45 pm | A Creator’s Guide to Indie Comics (moderated by Barbra Dillon)

Plummer Park Community Center Room 3

Are you a comics creator in need of a few helpful hints to get your project off the ground? Are you unsure of how best to print, promote, and distribute your story to find its audience? Led by Barbra Dillon (editor-in-chief, Fanbase Press), this panel of professional comics creators – including David M. Booher (writer, Killer Queens), Josh Trujillo (writer, Blue Beetle), Viktor Kerney (co-editor, We Belong), and Kayden Phoenix (writer, A La Brava) will guide you through the self-publishing process, providing helpful advice for making your story into a reality.

2:00-2:30 pm>| Spotlight on Shannon Watters (moderated by Julian Jetson)

Plummer Park Community Center Room 3

Join Julian Jetson, host of Q Con The Podcast, for a lively interview with Shannon Watters, co-creator and co-writer of the award-winning hit comic book series Lumberjanes which is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Her new graphic novel Hollow with Branden Boyer-White and Berenice Nelle is out now! Shannon is also a former senior editor at Boom! and is responsible for founding and helming the award-winning BOOM! Box imprint, whose titles she acquired and developed include Lumberjanes, Giant Days, Fence, Goldie Vance, The Backstagers, and many, many more.

Julian Jetson, a Palm Springs native, produces and moderates the popular Gay Geeks and Where to Find Them panels at San Diego Comic-Con and other SoCal conventions. With experience in event production, including Comic Con Palm Springs and Q-Con’s costume contest, Julian is also a published stylist who enjoys cosplaying with a mix of vintage and modern fashion.

2:30-3:00 pm | Spotlight on Rex Ogle (moderated by David Reddish)

Plummer Park Community Center Room 3

Join moderator, David Reddish (Managing Editor of Entertainment at Wealth of Geeks), as he talks to Rex Ogle, the award-winning author of nearly 100 graphic novels, comics and memoirs including Northranger (2024 GLAAD Award nominee for best graphic novel); Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy; (under the pen name, Rey Terciero); Free Lunch (YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction); Four Eyes and the upcoming Pizza Face; and his newest book, the autobiographic Road Home. Rex has also written for DC Comics and Marvel.
David Reddish is a journalist who has written for Wealth of Geeks, MovieWeb, Queerty, ScreenRant and Playboy and author whose novels include Sex, Drugs & Superheroes; Conquest of the Planet of the Geeks; The Wrath of Comic-Con; and the Lambda Literary Award-nominated The Passion of Sergius & Bacchus.

3:00-3:45 pm | Transgender and Nonbinary Comics Chart New Paths (moderated by Tara Madison Avery)

Plummer Park Community Center Room 3

Transgender and nonbinary comics creators are doing things in the comics medium that have never been done before and putting new spins on old genres. How do trans characters change the stories they’re in, and what aspects remain the same? What will trans creators bring to the medium we all love in the years to come? Join Sonya Saturday (J.K. Rowling and the Ungrateful Fans, The Greatest Thing You’ve Ever Seen in Your Life); Mei (Main Writer of Qi-Shift, CO-Owner of Plus 2); Tilly Bridges (Begin Transmission: The Trans Allegories of the Matrix, Color of Always); moderator Tara Madison Avery (We’re Still Here, The Out Side); and others to be announced for a lively discussion of these topics and more!

4:00-4:45 pm | Costume Contest in Fiesta Hall

Event producer and stylist, Julian Jetson, and cosplayer/fashion model, Puma Does Cosplay, are the hosts for the very popular Q Con Costume Contest. The Contest is open to cosplayers of all ages, and this year’s judges include Chrissy Lynn, LuckyGrim, and Jacqueline Goehner. Artisan Studios has created the fabulous Q Con Costume Contest trophies and is donating prizes along with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, What’s Your Passion Jewelry and others. The Contest will also feature performances by Jimmy Sherfy, known for his creative cosplay and drag performances at clubs in San Diego and Los Angeles.

5:00-5:45 pm | Geek Crossfire (moderated by David Reddish)

Plummer Park Community Center Room 3

What’s the state of geek pop culture today? Did the X-Men save the MCU? Which acclaimed directors are over? Will toxic fandom ever get reigned in? Join moderator, David Reddish (author and Managing Editor, Wealth of Geeks; Geek Crossfire panel founder), and a panel of industry experts and insiders including Tara Madison Avery (We’re Still Here; publisher, Stacked Deck Press); Nelson Moses Lassiter (creator of the digital series Single Record); Stacey Yvonne (Journalist at Pride & Black Girl Nerds; Sonya Saturday (JK Rowling and the Ungrateful Fans) Michael Varrati (screenwriter Tales of Poe; host of Dead for Filth Podcast) for a high-energy, hard-talking and humorous debate about the present and future of all things geeky in Hollywood.

6:00-7:30 pm | Special Sneak Screening of “Surge of Power: Where There’s Smoke”

Plummer Park Community Center Room 3

See an exclusive sneak screening of the new movie, “Surge of Power: Where There’s Smoke,” featuring cinema’s first out gay superhero, Surge, and hosted by creator/producer/star Vincent Roth. In this fifth film of the landmark series, Surge teams up with guest superhero, The Smoke (former pro wrestler Eric Moran), as they uncover a mysterious plot of the villain group called The Council. The film features many LGBT-friendly celebrities, some in recurring roles continuing to show their LGBT support, including the late Nichelle Nichols who has been portraying Omen, a transgender hero in the Surge of Power movies for 20 years! Surge of Power creator and star, Vincent Roth, will lead a Q&A after the film.

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